I worked 2017-2018 as a digital designer at a gaming company called Codeta, Codeta is a small live casino focused gaming company. The first months we worked on a new design for the webpage. After the launch of the new website in December 2017, we made a lot of marketing material and then we made new concepts for campaigns, newsletters, campaign pages, and banners. Together with the affiliate team, we made landing pages, guidelines, and banners. I made the design for new concepts and new features on the webpage.

Client: Codeta
Date: September 26, 2017
Services: Design, UX/UI, Website, Mobile

Intro image

I designed the heroes we used on the website.

Mobile site

We made a responsive version of the website so it would work well on mobile. We had a lot of focus on the mobile site since most of our customers visited us through their mobile.

Animated Banners

Branding banners for Shibstedt that I made from a mp4 illustration animation.

Banners “Game of the week”

Pictures for campaign pages, crm newsletters, affiliate newsletters and landing pages.

Video banner for Social media


























Landing pages desktop vs mobile

Affiliate pages for different games.


Marketing material for a new feature.