Client: Handelsbanken
Date: 1999-10-01 - 2016-06-01
Services: Mobile Design, UX, Web Design, Print

01. Research Online

My first assignment at Capital Markets 2009 was to make an app together with a project leader and developers. Thanks to my experience from working with apps, we made this fast and easy. The app was a good complement to the website. The users liked the app. In the app, I chose to use the bottom navigation to make it fast and easy to navigate between the pages. Some of the icon we picked from a library. And some of them I made on my own in Illustrator. After the app, we made a new site that was responsive and had a more modern design.

02. Desktop Experience

During my 17 years at there bank, I worked daily with digital design. Everything from doing new features at a payment method to design on a new navigation. I worked together with other designers, developers, usability experts and together with photographers and agencies outside the bank. The work at the bank had a lot of focus on the applications to the customers, but I also did marketing material as banners, newsletters and reports the latest seven years at Capital Markets. I started my carrier as an HTML coder and was a very good bridge between developers and business developers. Later on, I did only work with design. About ten years with print as well and photography. I worked with a lot of guidelines and artwork. Daily work in photoshop.
I did the banks first app for private customers and the first Research app for a different audience.

03. Print Invitations

04. Print Event guide

05. Banners